Rimini Fest Info Dance – May 2024

We invite you to international modern dance competition Rimini Fest Info Dance 23/26 May 2024

Participants are ensembles from Russia, Indonesia, India, Poland, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Georgia, Romania, Slovenia, Montenegro, Italy, Sweden, Moldavia, Armenia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary…

Day 1 – Arrival of the groups at the hotel, and accommodation. Info-appointment. Tour and introduction to the most popular summer resort in Italy, walking, swimming, a tour of Rimini, its beautiful sunny beaches, the city… Return to hotel. Dinner. Overnight stay. Possibility of departure to some of the many discotheques in Rimini.

Day 2 – Breakfast. Festival day! Rimini Fest Info Dance 2022. Dinner. Facultative:: discotheque. Overnight stay.

Day 3 – Breakfast. Facultative half-day tour to San Marino, on arrival follows a tour of this oldest republic in the world: monument of Garibaldi, Porta San Francesco, Square of freedom… Return to Rimini. Dinner. Facultative:: mutually– friendly night at a discotheque… Overnight stay.

Day 4 –  Breakfast. After breakfast departure of the ensembles on a facultative tour to Venice, Verona, Padova, or Trieste… Return to the point of departure… With another meeting next year!

Rimini Fest Info Dance – May 2024

The arrangment price includes:
Hotel accommodation with three stars Hotel’s like Tamanco ***, Faber ***, 2000 ***, Morfeo***,Diamond ***, Lily ***, Sombrero ***, ABC ***, Marabello ***, Picador ***, Busignani...in Rimini with 3 half- boards (service: breakfast and dinner) in 1/3 and 1/4 rooms;
organization expenses
professional assistance
letter ofinvitation
additional place to every 25.th member;
first fee for dancers for competing at Rimini Fest Info Dance 2024.;
Awards for competitors: MEDALS and CERTIFICATES (for all competitors), CUPS for groups and formation (1st-3th place awarded), SPECIAL AWARDS for other dance competitions in our organization (Spain, Prague, Rimini, Vienna, Budapest, Istanbul...).
The arrangment price does not include:
- tourist tax for hotel in Rimini from 2€ per person per day, depend of hotel category;
facultative tours (tour of San Marino 25€), Venice 25€, discotheque 15 €, Bologna 25 € ... (the price of tour depends exclusively on number of interested to some of the tours);
- additional day (half board) is from 35 € per person;
- visa and insurance;
- additional payment for 1/2 rooms is 5€ per night per person;
- every other fee for competing at Rimini Fest Info Dance 2024 is 15€ per dancer per choreography!!!

Rimini Fest Info Dance – May 2024


Notice: After the choreography application deadline, we will send you all your choreography to check. You will have 48 hours to answer us if everything is ok. After that, all fees for all choreographies that you applied for have to be 100% paid! Please send on both e-mail addresses your list of passengers before April 21st!

Additional information:

All ensembles must provide their own music via Online panel. Each ensemble is obligated to set performance in previously listed time limits.

Need more info? Find us at:
+381 60 164-65-00 +420 777-546-716

Rimini Fest Info Dance – May 2024

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Rimini Fest Info Dance – May 2024

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Rimini Fest Info Dance – May 2024

General info:

Rimini Italian tourist resort is one of the largest and most famous coastal centers in Italy. It lies on the shores of the Adriatic Sea at the mouth of the river Marecchia. Today’s Rimini is a modern city, where numerous cultural events are held.

Thanks to tourists the city Rimini becomes a dynamic organism in the season, with plenty of opportunities for fun. Many shops, restaurants, cafes and bars can be find here. Great beaches in Rimini stretch in length of several kilometers, and gradually merge with neighboring towns beaches. But Rimini is also a very old city which grew at the crossroads of ancient trade routes.

Many important historical sights stayed preserved. For example, Rimini Gothic cathedral from 13th century called Tempio Malatestiano or l’Arco di Augusto (Arch of Augustus) from the 27th BC, the ancient Ponte di Tiberio (Tiberius Bridge) , Castle Sismondi, amphitheater, Fontana della Pigna and other sights. Only a few kilometers from Rimini is a city state San Marino , which is definitely a good tip for a trip.


Country Italy
Region Emilia-Romagna
Area 134 km2 (52 sq mi)
Government: Major – Andrea Gnassi (PD)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
Languages spoken Italian, English
Currency Euro


Rimini Fest Info Dance – May 2024

riminiArch of Augustus
Italian Arco d’Augusto is located in the Italian seaside resort of Rimini. Arch of Augustus Rimini was built in honor of the Roman emperor Augustus in 27 BC. It is the oldest surviving Roman gateway. 310,414 was the bridge between the towns of Rimini and Rome. The gate was part of the fortifications of the city and served as the entrance to the city. The 19th century fortifications were razed and since then there is taken as a separate monument. The gate is shown four characters – at the city you can see and the Roman god Neptune, away from the city is portrayed Jupiter and Apolon. 310,414 and Tiberiův are the outstanding symbols of the city of Rimini. Tourists can visit the monument in the night hours, because it is illuminated.

Rimini Fest Info Dance – May 2024

Rimini Fest Info Dance – May 2024

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