Prague Dance Open 2022, November 2022

We invite you to come to Prague Dance Open from November 3rd till November 6th 2022

Participants are ensembles from Russia, Indonesia, India, Poland, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Romania, Slovenia, Montenegro, Italy, Sweden, Moldavia, Armenia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia…

Day 1  – Arrival of groups at hotel, room accommodation, and facultative tour of Prague with attendance of professional local guides: walk through main avenue Vaclav…, National museum, then Staromestke namesti (main town square) and view on famous astronomical watch-Orloj. Departure to a famous Prague ghetto-Jew square and visit to Staronov Synagogue. Then departure to Vltava and tour of Carl’s bridge, the old tower and monument to Carl the IV, National divaldo (theater) and then return to hotel. Dinner. Facultative departure to some of the discotheques for social activities and entertainment. Return to hotel. Overnight stay.

Day 2 – After breakfast facultative whole day tour to Carl’s Vari, the most famous health resort in Czech and one of the most famous in Europe which was visited by many European rulers, brilliant painters, poets, and other famous people. Return to Prague. Going back to hotel. Dinner. Overnight stay.

Day 3  –  Breakfast. Festival “Prague Dance Open 2022.” Dinner. Facultative: Mutually– friendly night. Overnight stay.

Day 4 – Breakfast. Facultative ship tour on the river Vltava. Return to hotel. Leaving the hotel and unfortunately returning of all participants to their point of departure with another meeting next year!!!!

Prague Dance Open 2022, November 2022

The arrangment price includes:
3 overnight stays (half board, breakfast and dinner) in chosen hotel type in 1/3 and 1/4 rooms
organization expenses, supplement for double rooms is 5 e per person per night
Free place on every 25th member
invitation letter
first fee for participation in Prague Dance Open 2022
awards for dancers: MEDALS (for all dancers), DIPLOMAS (for all dancers), CUPS (for groups and formations, 1st/3rd place awarded), MONEY AWARDS, SPECIAL AWARDS (for participation in some other festivals in Fest Info Dance organization, Spain, Budapest, Florence, Rome, Vienna, Rimini, Amsterdam…).
The arrangment price does not include:
- Facultative tours (tour of Prague from 4 e per person , Dresden 25 e, Carlstein 15 e , Carl's vari 25 e, Discoteques 8 e, Ship tour 9 € – 10 €... prices depends from number of persons
transportation, insurance
- additional overnight stay with half board in 1/3 or 1/4 room is – 35 € per person
additional payment for ½ rooms is 5€ per person per night
every other fee for competing at Prague Fest Info Dance 2022 is 10€ per dancer per choreography!!!

Prague Dance Open 2022, November 2022

Additional information:

All ensembles must provide their own music, leading orchestar or music CDs. Each ensemble is obligated to set performance in duration of 10 minutes.
Applications for festival are from Jun the 10th!

Need more info? Find us at:
+381 60 164-65-00 +420 777-546-716
prodaja@festinfo.org sales@festinfo.org

Prague Dance Open 2022, November 2022

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Prague Dance Open 2022, November 2022

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Prague Dance Open 2022, November 2022

General info:

Prague is one of the most popular cities in Eastern Europe. His attraction is in the 600 years old architecture untouched during the wars. The city center is under the protection of UNESCO. The town built near the river Vltava, has never stopped fascinating visitors, painters, photographers and poets.

The main attraction is the historical part of the city center. There are new and the old part of town, Staré Mesto and Nové Mesto. The old part is a labyrinth of alleys, cobbled streets and passages leading to Old Town Square, Staromestské Námestí, Josefov Ghetto and the old Jewish Quarter. The new part of the town in its modern architecture is the diversity to the old. It Includes the famous Wenceslas Square.

Country Czech Republic
Postal code 100 00 – 199 00
Area 496 km2 (192 sq mi)
Government: Bohuslav Svoboda[1] (ODS)
Time zone CET (UTC+1); CEST (UTC+2)
Languages spoken Czech
Currency Czech Crown (czk)
Toursit Website Prague Welcome
More info Read on Wikipedia

Prague Dance Open 2022, November 2022

atraction1National Museum
Neo-Renaissance building, dominates the Vaclav Square and presents the oldest and the largest museum in the Czech Republic. It contains more than 14 million historical items. During the year there are many exhibitions, mainly in Hollareum hall. From October to April it is open from 09:00-17:00 and from May to September, from 10:00-18:00 hours. You can come to the Museum using the subway station lines A and C. Ticket price for adults is 100czk, for students and children 50czk.

atraction2Václavské Namesti
This square is one of the most popular places to visit in Prague, full of boutiques and shops for daily shopping it also offers rich nightlife. Most of the attractions are located near this 750m long street. At the top of the street is the famous statue of St. Václav on his horse. This king was killed by his brother, and today he is the Czech national hero. At the beginning of the street is the National Museum and Opera. To the square there is the metro line A and C), Mustek lines A and B.

atraction3Narodni Divadlo
Narodni Divaldlo or the National Theater in Prague is located near the banking part of town and it is performing some of the most beautiful Czech operas and ballets. Neo-Renaissance building was built in 1868 but it had to be reconstructed because of the large fire that destroyed a big part of its interior. This building is one of the many popular attractions of the city. It is performing operas, concerts of classical music and ballet. It’s address: National 2, New part of town, you can also come by the underground line Narodni Trida.

atraction4The Old Town Bridge Tower
This tower is one of the most beautiful Gothic towers in Europe and it is a symbol of entering the old town comming from the Charles Bridge. This is great place for panoramic sightseeing because you can see the Charles Bridge, Vltava, the castle and the old town from that point. It is located east of the Charles Bridge, and it’s open: from 10:00 o’clock to 18:00, and in March, from 10:00 to 19:00 and from April to May and October, from 10:00 to 22:00 from June to September, from 10:00 to 17:00 from November to February.

Prague Dance Open 2022, November 2022

Prague Dance Open 2022, November 2022

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